header     A sailor from an early age (he was able to sail before he could ride a bicycle) Jimmy Frost has been fortunate enough to form a career out of his hobby. Rather than making small kit models, Jimmy builds large models full of detail. Unlike most model shipbuilders, Jimmy doesn't sign his name anywhere on the model; he actually places a model of himself somewhere on the ship. Both the model on the ships and the real Jimmy Frost can be recognized by his white and green Tilley hat.
    His reasoning for large models is to give people the opportunity to see these historic ships with much more detailing than one can see on small plastic models. He also loves the challenge; on rare occasions he has been known to do contract work, but only if it's something he can really put a lot of detail in.
    The collection found here at Original Benjamin's may in fact be the largest collection of large model ships. Jimmy also plans to expand the collection even more with a series of pirate ships, though they won't be quite as large due to space.