header     Ocean liners are often called the "Greyhound of the Sea". They are designed to transport everything from people to cargo and mail along regular long distance maritime routes on a set schedule. These ships were built before the jet age and today are considered to be at a higher standard than normal cruise ships. We house multiple ocean liner models, the smaller, plastic models include the Titanic, which is on icebergs, the SS France, and the Mauritania.

    One of our largest models is the RMS Queen Elizabeth. It reaches 30 feet but is still only built on a 1:32 scale (1 foot = 32 feet). This model was not originally built by Jimmy though he restored it, which alone took nearly one year. It is made of fiberglass and currently lacks the detail of the QE2 though Jimmy hopes that he can find the time amongst all his other projects to add in more detail such as the people that can be found on some other ships.

    The Queen Elizabeth 2 reaches 18 feet and was built by Jimmy on a 1:48 scale (1 foot = 48 feet). Unlike the Queen Elizabeth model, this one is built from wood and took about two and a half years to complete. On the deck and inside the ship you can see models of passengers, one of which is Jimmy himself.